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Maximum Peak Height Bloom Index

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General description of the script

A unit-less index used to visualise high-biomass submerged and floating algae and cyanobacteria blooms in lakes.

Detects the height of the scattering peak in the Sentinel-2 bands at 705 and 740 nm after the Maximum Peak Height Algorithm (Matthews et al., 2012) used for Sentinel-3 OLCI.

Switches between the Maximum Chlorophyll Index (Gower et al., 2008) and the Floating Algal Index (Hu, 2009) approaches typically used with Sentinel-3 OLCI or MODIS.

Uses the water bodies mapping technique of Mohor Gartner. It visualises land using a simple RGB approach.

Representative Images

Bloom Index applied to Tevere river, Italy. Image acquired on 2017-10-08.

Maximum Peak Height Bloom Index Italy2

Bloom Index applied to Syvash lagoon, Ukraine. Image acquired on 2022-02-15.

Maximum Peak Height Bloom Index Italy1


Credit CyanoLakes, Jeremy Kravitz, Mark Matthews.


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