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mARI - Modified Anthocyanin Reflectance Index

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General description of the script

To correct for leaf density and thickness, the near infrared spectral band (in the recommended wavelengths of 760-800nm), which is related to leaf scattering, is added to the basic ARI index. The new index is called modified ARI or mARI (also ARI2).

mARI(ARI2) = ((1 / 550nm) - (1 / 700nm)) * NIR

mARI(ARI2) = ((1 / B03) - (1 / B05)) * B07 for Sentinel-2.

mARI values for the examined trees in this original article ranged in values from 0 to 8.

mARI(ARI2) = ((1 / 550nm) - (1 / 700nm)) * NIR

Description of representative images

mARI applied to Rome. Acquired on 10.12.2019, processed by Sentinel Hub.

mARI, Rome