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Cloud Statistics

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General description of the script

For a given time-range, this script counts the number of Sentinel-2 L2A cloud-free pixels based on the s2cloudless algorithm and the Sen2Cor scene classification (SCL) data. The SCL categories used to detect clouds in the current version of the script are:

  • saturated/defective
  • cloud shadow
  • cloud medium probability
  • cloud high probability
  • cirrus.

The categories can be easily modified to fit users’ needs. Furthermore, the SCL band can be removed from the script for compatibility with Sentinel-2 L1C images.

The script returns the ratio of cloud-free pixels against the total number of pixels over the time period.

Description of representative images

The cloud statistics over the north of Spain for July 2020. The map shows a higher occurence of clouds along the North coastline (Asturias) than inland. Processed by Sentinel Hub.


Above is an example output from the Cloud Statistics script: for each Sentinel-2 pixel, the values represent the ratio of cloud-free images over a given time period to the total number of images for the same period. Therefore, a value of 1 (represented in purple) means that 100% of the images in the time-series were cloud-free, and a value of 0 (in black) signifies that there are no cloud-free images available.

Note: users are free to improve this page and modify any part of the script.